Build a Website for Free – Mark Bell

Build a Website for Free
by Mark Bell

Que Publishing and Mark Bell have created an excellent reference for anyone starting out wanting to create a website.  Yes, there are plenty of website hosting services that provide the simplest of human interfaces to get you up and running but the result is often subpar.

How much technical knowledge is required?  Depends on your website goals.

What’s your knowledge level like?

  • Primitive (as in sledge hammer)
  • Can recognize prey (as in images and links)
  • Can build shelter (as in creating your own css files and javascript)

No matter your layperson level, Mark Bell’s text helps separate out what you know from what you don’t know and provides direction on how to improve your hunting and website survival skills.

How the Wiki is organized

The Wiki is organized to reflect the organization of the material in the book.

Home page:  Build a Website for Free WIKI

  1. Part I – The Basics
  2. Part II – Plan & Prep
  3. Part III – Website Building Basics
  4. Part IV – Website Testing & Maintenance
  5. Part V – Website Workshop

Giving Honor

To give honor to the idea that learning is enjoyable and useful, we “took the next step.”  We learned from every section – sometimes tiny tidbits but more often a refreshing morsel of knowledge.  Part V was the best for this author as it served as a motivator to move on to website structures we hadn’t yet ventured into.

  1. Wiki – Created a wiki to organize note taking while reading the book.  The notes serve as a reinforcing reference for returning to the text or advancing to the many references cited and helped us learn about the world of WIKI’s.
  2. Blog – Created what is now the official blog for Upham’s Corner News on WordPress.

Enjoy the Book

Link to Build a Website for Free WIKI

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