Area 324 – May 15, 2011 Meeting

Sunday June 12, 2011
Atkins Community Meeting Room
233 Blue Hill Ave (next to Ma and Pa’s Cafe)
3 pm – 4 pm

Neighborhood Watch Meeting Notes for May 15, 2011 – 11 Brookford Street

Present: family of 126 Dacia Street, family of 15 Brookford Street, family of 11 Brookford Street, Officer Gino Fernandes

This meeting is open to all neighbors in the Area 324 Neighborhood Watch community.  We are trying to reach neighbors on the following streets: Danube Street, Dacia Street, Ingleside Street, Blue Hill Ave, Adrian Street, Brookford Street, Randlette Place, Rand Street, Fairbury Street, Rand Place, Julian Street, and Dalin Place.

Watch notes are broken down by the following:
Black type = meeting agenda
Red type = meeting discussion notes
Green type = information gathered after the meeting

As a group, we debriefed the “Welcome to your Neighborhood, a Meet and Greet“ event.  Although there was not a large neighbor turn out, many B-2 officers, 2 Sergeants, Principal Henderson (Winthrop School), Councilman Tito Jackson and aid, Carolyn MacNeil, Rep. Enriquez aid, attended the meeting and spoke about their committed help to this neighborhood.  We are appreciative to all that attended and hope that our next meet and greet will have an even larger turn-out.

Dacia discussed the Boston Rising focus group.  The focus group introduced the Grove Hall Trust concept on 5/4/11.  Boston Rising is a dynamic group with a tremendous vision for Dorchester, particularly in the Grove Hall area.  Unfortunately, the current Trust boundaries do not include Area 324 catchment at this time.  Another focus group will take place on 6/7/11 at 6 pm at the Grove Hall Community Center, 51 Geneva Ave.  It will be worth while to attend for more information.  Tamika stated that she would like to attend as well as Dacia.

Howard/Dacia Street Neighborhood Association Meeting is taking place on 5/18/11 at 6:30 pm. Location 21 Balfour Street off Wayland.  Non one from the group meeting felt that they were able to attend due to the day and time.

Community Safety- Quality of Life
CALL 911 ANY TIME SOMETHING SUSPICIOUS IS HAPPENING = tip hot line text information available
Businesses involvement
We spoke about making another effort to get Blue Hill businesses involved with the 324 NW groups.  It will take more face-to-face conversations.  We will discuss this topic again at a later date/time.
 Taking place between 12 midnight and 3 am
Community Patrols – Take back the night (Rep. Carlos Enriquez)
Dacia will make contact with Rep. Enriquez to learn more about this event.

B-2 aware of the problem – Officer Fernandes reports that a special team has been assigned to address this problem.  B-2 is giving street walkers and their Johns a lot of attention
 B-2 working on an initiative to get the women off the streets; pilot from RI
Taking place at all hours of the day
Calls by neighbors need to increase, license plates are really helpful
What more can we do, want to do? Send a text to Boston police with information. Call each other on the phone tree to make neighbors aware of immediate sightings. Call 911.
Special team are targeting the men/drivers in the cars picking up the prostitutes as well as the streetwalkers.

Speeding down Brookford; Cutting down Dacia Street wrong way; Driving up  street backwards
Police are aware of the problem and during slow shifts have been sitting in the area to ticket wrong doers
 Need to petition for stop sign. We as neighbors need to pull together and make the City of Boston aware of this need.
Need to follow up with transportation department regarding stop sign. With a petition in hand, City of Boston will be more willing to oblige request.

*The end of May 2011 a stop sign was erected at the Brookford/Dacia Street juncture.  On Sat. 6/4/11 neighbors witnessed B-2 police pulling many cars over and ticketing them for blowing through the sign or driving up the street the wrong way.  Cars continue to speed down both Dacia and Brookford Streets.  As neighbors, we will need to continue to holler at drivers to stop at the sign and for police to continue to ticket drivers for their infractions.
 slow down sign; not effective. All agreed that the community as well as school will need a stop sign, not a slow down sign.  Contacting the Mayor’s hot line with calls of concerns will be a start.  We discussed with Officer Fernandes having a speed reader on Brookford St. for drivers to pay attention to their speeds.  The school blinking sign does not have the speed reader attached to it, could a change to the school sign happen?  A conversation with Winthrop and the Mayor’s hot line could be helpful. 
Cross walk on Brookford/Dacia Street intersection for school crossing. A designated line whether a cross walk or a stop line will help tremendously with the cars stopping at the sign in an appropriate place.
 Idling school buses; contributing to pollution and asthma; Principal Henderson working with Councilman Jackson; 324 follow up? – Principal Henderson will follow up regarding this concern.  Sophia Rice continues to be a point of contact.

GATESTHIS CONTINUES TO BE A DSNI HOMEOWNER PROBLEM. A separate conversation and action plan has been devised.
 -Prescion Fencing estimate
-No trespassing signs
-Calling police for loitering

-dog feces found in yards – Officer Fernandes spoke about a city ordinance found on website of He suggested to give the written ordinance to the owner of the dog, if and when you see them.  Homeowners with the “NO Tresspassing” signs will have more support from the police as they have a visible sign warning people of private property.  If your home does not have a sign, it will be in your best interest to get one.  Home Depot have them for sale.  This will alert the owner of the offense and is only needed to be done one time.  Make note of the day/time that you give the dog owner this ordinance so that a call to the police can be followed up.  Also calling the mayor’s hot line to make the city aware will put it on record.
Dacia followed up with Officer Fernandes suggestion.  The City of Boston has information regarding pit bull ordinance only  The pit bulls running around the neighborhood usually do not have their owners with them to be able to give to them a written statement.  Another plan will need to be devised.

Reaching out to parents to use centers- YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, Krock  Center
Cleaning up the park behind school. A conversation to have with Winthrop School.
 Calling police (phone tree) if youth are out at night at the school, especially during  summer hours. Find out the hours the park is open.  Have the city post the hours. Call police when see youth or adults in the park after hours.  We will need to get a clearer picture of Winthrop School property vs. city park and then talk to Winthrop about their concerns/plans.
Winthrop summer programs. Is there a soccer program going on this summer?  Contact Sophia Rice/Carolyn Macneil about this.  Will neighborhood kids be able to attend?

Meet and Greet Neighbors
Continue to hold some type of social event to solicit other neighbors to join in the  cause
Summer bbq, block party?
Team up with Winthrop for back to school event?
Make contact with Winthrop and then decide if a collaboration could happen with events.
Neighbor Circles – yes! (Dacia) Contact Nuestra (Paul F.) *(Response by Paul) As far as the NeighorCircles is concerned, I am awaiting the upper management’s decision about Nuestra’s engagement since there are other organizations in the area that are also involved in the same process.  I will get back to you as I get situated.

Car break ins happening during the day hours with cars parked on the street.  Drug addicts and youth are doing a majority of the break ins. DO NOT LEAVE THINGS IN THE CAR SO ATTENTION WILL NOT BE BROUGHT TO YOUR CAR.

Community Beautification
Street cleaning
Signs stating which days city will clean the street/Teachers not parking on street  during cleaning days- Call the Mayor’s hot line about street cleaning days and having signs put up. A petition may be needed to have our voices heard. Wednesdays street cleaners have been spotted on Dacia and Brookford, however there are no times indicated.  Having a conversation with Winthrop teachers once signs are up will be helpful in making sure the streets are cleaned appropriately.

Boston Shines – missed deadline of April 15th for registration – next year?
Cleanest Streets Contest sponsored by Nuestra Communidad
June 3rd, registration ASAP – Joe, Tamika and Tycia will follow up with Paul F after Dacia sends an initial email about the interest.  June 3rd came with great success.  The streets look lovely, although an honorable mention was not given we took pride in our known hard efforts.  Next year do it again?

Officer Fernandes stated that abandoned vehicles have a city 72-hr rule and can be towed.  If neighbors notice an abandoned vehicle on their streets, call mayor’s hot line.

Mural painting on Dacia Street by Americorps members – Looks beautiful!
 What’s the community involvement
Better communication with Sophia Rice of Winthrop School – Someone get in contact with Sophia Rice to let her know that City Year is leaving tools unattended and youth in the community are messing with the tools.  Encourage City Year not to leave their tools unattended.

Neighborhood Garden?
Tycia’s flyer – where to put garden and who would up keep the garden?
Homeowner’s front yards, should we come together and help each other out in  researching plants/flowers for lasting beauty? Tycia stated that the garden can cost a donation between $20 – $250 to the organization.  Gardeners have to attend a “Build a Garden Class.”  Tycia can be contacted for more information.

We spoke about home remedies to help keep stray cats, raccoons, neighborhood dogs out of our yards.  Coyote pee and cayenne pepper spray are helpful.
Community revitalization
Cultural centers for newer businesses, not just the stereotypical hood businesses

Working with politicians and community project for buildings and new home projects
Nuestra Communidad, DSNI, Project Right

Board members of different organizations for more information on city planning

- Mission Statement

Area 324 Neighborhood Watch is a grassroots organization of families working together as concerned citizens for the safety, revitalization and beautification of our community. We look out for each other’s property and persons. We hope to inspire a feeling of trust, pride, and responsibility for our neighborhood. Our goal is to work in conjunction with community supports, such as the Boston Police, to make our streets safe, have a positive quality of life and to eradicate issues of crimes for the families living and working in this area. We are making it available for our children to go outside and make it back in safely.

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